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Categoría de productos de Cabin, somos fabricantes especializados procedentes de China, Crane Cabin, Ergonomic Designed Cabin proveedores / fábrica, de alta calidad al por mayor productos de Dependable Cabin I + D y fabricación, tenemos el perfecto servicio y soporte técnico post-venta. Esperamos contar con su cooperación!

China Cabin Proveedores

crane cabin

The crane cabin is a critical facility to ensure driver safety. From this cab, operator can perform real-time monitoring of the operating status associated with the crane, lifting hook and lifted goods.


Ergonomic design

Dependable safety device

Comfortable operating environment offers a broad view.

Advanced welding and manufacturing process

Smooth, eye-appealing exterior

Technical Features :

External sealing plate is made of quality steel plate.

Cab framework is made of structural steel connected by bent steel plates.

Cab interior is decorated with polyester plywood.

Toughened glass

Standard Positioning:


Switches and plugs


Manually-operated windshield wiper

Optional Configuration:

Switch box

Air conditioner

Emergency light

Fire extinguisher

Electronic linkage control system


Electric windshield wiper

Replica objects for interior decoration

Steel plate for interior decoration

Other attachment 


Port industry, container and storage industry, waste disposal industry, building industry, papermaking industry, mechanical machining industry, material handling and shipping

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